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1. The CCRSB Regional PD Committee is made up of three Union Reps as well as three Board Reps. This committee looks after the funds for Article 60 of the Teacher's Provincial Agreement.

2. Summer PD- Teachers can claim up to $400, prorated if necessary ($30,000 Budget). Forms are on-line and are being sent to schools this week.

3. Conference Grants- The committee looked at 31 Conference Grants at the August meeting and have almost reached max budget (until March 30th, 2016). Teachers can apply for up to $1700 and up to 5 sub days on a first come, first serve basis. Applications MUST be complete.

4. University Course Claims- The next University Course Claim will be October 15th, 2015. Claims are $600 for 1/2 credit and $1200 for full credit. (Prorated if necessary)

5. Teacher Initiated In-Service Days- 1 day per budget year.

6. October Conference: All teachers are encouraged to attend a Special Association Conference on October 23rd, 2015. The booklet is on the NSTU site. $200,000 has been allocated and teachers can claim up to $250, prorated if necessary. Travel together if you can!


If you have any further questions, e-mail Kathy Wells at or call 902-661-2464.