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Yesterday, December 14th, 2015, the Nova Scotia Government introduced Bill 148 –Public Services Sustainability (2015) Act, which passed second reading today. Starting this evening NSTU members and other government workers will be adding their voices of dissent to this Bill through the Law Amendments Committee. If the Act is passed, it will place a limit on wage increases of 3% over 4 years and will freeze Service Awards as of April 1, 2015. To this end the NSTU is mobilizing members to appear before Law Amendments tonight and tomorrow, to write to their MLAs in opposition to the Bill, and to march on Province House if the legislature remains in session this week. A letter to MLAs outlines the NSTU’s concerns with this bill. Voices of teachers have been silenced by the introduction of Bill 148. Educators have earned the right to free collective bargaining without interference, which is a Canadian value protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We are encouraging members to urge MLAs to reject Bill No. 148 as an attack on basic rights and freedoms of a democratic society. The form letter is on the NSTU website under the banner: Respect Teachers, Respect Bargaining and/or the button #Bill148. Please encourage members in your Local to write to their MLAs through this letter. A rally/march at Province House is scheduled for December 16 at 6:00 p.m. We will continue to rally/march with NSTU members while the legislature remains sitting. Details on transportation to the rallies from Bridgewater, Kentville and Truro will follow. We encourage Locals outside of these geographic areas to contact MLAs and voice their concerns. 

The Cumberland Local encourages its members to contact MLAs and voice their concerns (through the letter provided on the NSTU website) since we are outside of these geographic areas for bus pick up. We also encourage members to attend the rally if it suits your needs.

Contact information for Cumberland MLA's:

Cumberland North 
Terry Farrell (Lib) Phone: (902) 660-3144 Fax: 902) 660-3149 E-mail: 
10B Havelock Street 
Amherst, NS 
B4H 3J7

Cumberland South 
Honourable Jamie Baillie (PC) Phone: (902) 597-1998 Fax: (902) 597-8080 E-mail: 
6 McFarlane Street 
Springhill, Nova Scotia 
B0M 1X0