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Council of the Local Meeting
Breakfast at Brittney’s, Amherst
October 27, 2015

The 2nd meeting of the 2015-2106 Council of the Local (of the Cumberland local of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union) was chaired by Wade VanSnick and called to order at 4:43pm.
1.    Minutes
Minutes of the September 8, 2015 Council of the Local were circulated, motioned for acceptance without changes by Tammy Harrison and seconded by Michelle DeCoff.
The agenda, as circulated, was amended to add item “g, WE DAY discussion” as requested by member (Kathy Wells).  With this addition, it was accepted after moving by Angela Blenkhorn and seconding by Melissa Falconer.
2.    Reports
a.    President – W. VanSnick
W. VanSnick provided a report from the President’s Conference of Sept 11/12 which included discussions about the action plan, the work load survey, roles and responsibilities of the role of President, Talking Points by Simon Wilkin, the contract negotiating process and a presentation about neuro-leadership.  In addition, W. VanSnick attended the RRC meeting of September 15, 2016.  Mr.  VanSnick commented on the success of the Regional Rep Retreat (Sept 25/26, 2015) hosted by the Cumberland Local in Truro as well as the Executive Planning session (Oct 16-18, 2016) and indicated that the Executive had reviewed the Operational Procedures, the Constitution, the Year Plan, the financial position of the Local, various forms as well as our 2015-2016 plan for the use of social media to reach members and provide information.  He indicated that the General Council would be presented with proposed changes to be adopted in November.  Also reported was a meeting scheduled for November 18, 2015 between the CCRSB management team and the 3 Local Presidents.

b.    First VP - L. Crossman Wheaton
i.    It was reported that Kyle Marryatt (NSTU, Executive Staff Officer, Member Services) had met with Allison McGrath (Director, HR, CCRSB) to discuss contract language.
ii.    L. Crossman Wheaton detailed her role to members which included the following:
-    Receiving item suggestions for asking packages;
-    Discussing any potential grievance issues (confidentially); and
-    Regional contract issues/questions.

c.    VP Communications - T. Harrison
i.    It was reported that stationery cards had been ordered and received.  These are to be distributed to school representatives after the meeting.
ii.    T. Harrison noted that the Local website and Facebook page were being revamped and had undergone significant changes throughout the previous month with the ongoing addition of current forms and information.
iii.    It was also noted by W. VanSnick at the conclusion of the Communications Report that a laptop and digital camera were being purchased for the VP Communications position to continue the significant work being undertaken this year.

d.    VP Professional Development - H. MacDonald
i.    H MacDonald reported attending her first meeting of the PACC (Professional Associations Coordination Committee).  
ii.    She requested that member reps make suggestions for PD sessions for the Local for the upcoming year.  
iii.    H MacDonald indicated that a poster roll-out would be happening soon and that it would be sent to reps to share with members.  
iv.    She also reported attending Rep. Retreat as well as Executive Planning.
v.    H MacDonald reported that the member engagement BBQ and Family Fun event held at Wentworth Park (on October 4, 2015) was a success and that participation doubled to 42 in the second year.  NSTU President (S. Morse) attended along with Smokey the Bear (and a thank you was subsequently provided to Smokey the Bear).

e.    VP PA/PR – C. Weeks
i.    It was reported that the PA/PR committee has met two times in the new school year.  The following was reported about potential activities underway by the committee:
-    participation in the Christmas Parade on November 21, 2015 (6pm) (and potential good-will prizes);
-    thank you prizes to teachers through a monthly contest for contributing photos of school site events;
-    a movie night (potential date of January 28, 2016);
-    an email has been sent to Board members offering an invitation to school sites;
-    “Teachers Make a Difference” Campaign is underway; and
-    The next meeting of the Committee will be November 23, 2015.

f.    Secretary – J. Field
i.    J Field reported no items during the meeting however she reports having attended Rep Retreat as well as Executive Planning meetings since the previous meeting of the Local.

g.    Treasurer – P. Hillier
i.    P Hillier indicated that the Treasurer’s Report would (in future) be provided orally and posted to the Cumberland Local website.  She also offered to provide a hard copy to members who notified her of their requirement).
ii.    P Hillier indicated that the Bursary Application Form had been updated during Executive Planning and presented the changes and requirements (including the criteria and the necessity for correct and complete information).
iii.    For the benefit of members, P Hillier explained that the Local received income two times annually (late November and March).
iv.    P Hillier explained each budget line of the statement report.
v.    W. VanSnick added that there were some former expenses covered at the RRC level which now fall under the Local Expenses.
h.    Member at Large – M. DeCoff
i.    M DeCoff reported having attended Member Engagement in Wentworth as well as the Executive Planning meetings.
ii.    She indicated that the Member at Large would be working in conjunction to support the PA/PR and Communications Committees throughout the year.
iii.    She noted that she will be representing the Executive on the Resolutions Committee.
iv.    M. DeCoff also requested volunteers for the Social Committee.

i.    Provincial Executive Member – H. Lemoine
i.    H. Lemoine indicated that Provincial Executive highlights were posted on the Provincial ( website and would be added to the Local site as well.
ii.    Highlights were reported from the Provincial Executive meeting of September, 2015;
-    Mandate of the Board of Directors was reviewed.
-    Committee Chairs were appointed.
-    A donation was made to Dominica for $10,000.
-    The contract negotiating team was selected for NSTU members who are employed with the Nova Scotia Community College.
-    Approval was given to the amendments made to the Asking Package.
-    Changes were made to the NSTU Guidebook.
iii.    Highlights were reported from the Provincial Executive meeting of October, 2015;
-    The Shenoroil Conference was a success.
-    H Lemoine detailed numerous staffing changes at the Central NSTU office location.
iv.    Having participated the previous week, H. Lemoine also reiterated support for the John Huntley Memorial Internship Program and encouraged other members to make application.

j.    CCRSB PD – Kathy Wells
i.    K. Wells clarified that 2 courses (4 - ½ credits) are the maximum to be covered per member in any given budget year (April 1 – March 31).
ii.    She indicated that 18 conferences had been approved which exceeded the budget by $3,200 with the expectation that there would be funds remaining in the budget from unused funds budgeted to Summer PD and re-allocated to Article 60 Conferences.
iii.    No teacher initiated days were used.
iv.    Once Summer PD claims were processed, a total of $7,000 remained for new conference applications.
v.    Members may apply for conferences into the following budget year (April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017) understanding that approval will be subject to the CCRSB budget being approved.
vi.    K. Wells responded to W. VanSnick’s question about re-allocation to Conference fund vs Provincial Conference Fund indicating the Committee had made this decision.

k.    RRC – W. VanSnick
i.    W. VanSnick indicated that the Committee had last met on October 20, 2015 and class caps had been discussed.  Following the September 30, 2015, enrollment numbers having been submitted to the Board, the RRC is awaiting explanation on the classes which do not meet the caps.  Potential circumstances were discussed.
ii.    W. VanSnick indicated that all 3-term, P-9 schools would receive a “marking day” with the Board having clarified that it was for marking and not PD of any sort.  Following discussion with regard to the effect to specialist positions, it was suggested that specialists should consult their Principal (in the event they worked at multiple sites) but that they would be eligible to receive either a full day on either November 6, 2015 or January 27, 2016.
iii.    The next meeting of the CRRC is November 17, 2015.

3.    Unfinished Business:
a.    No unfinished business was discussed.

4.    New Business
a.    Operational Procedures - Amendments will be proposed and voting will occur at the General meeting on November 24, 2015.
b.    Membership Registry – An online demonstration with the use of the Member Registry was provided by W. VanSnick.  The deadline for update is December 7, 2015.
c.    Annual Council Resolutions – It was noted that Steve Wells is the Chair of the Resolutions Committee and that resolutions are due by November 24, 2015.
d.    PEWC Resolutions – this is an ongoing process online and any items now submitted would apply to the next Asking Package.
e.    Cancellation List – W. VanSnick requested interested members to contact him should they be willing to stand-in on a “quick call” list in the event another member is unable to attend a meeting.
f.    John Huntley Memorial Internship Program – W. VanSnick noted the annual deadlines for application as September 15, November 15, February 15, and April 15).
g.    We Day – K Wells indicated that We Day, a movement to engage social justice principles in students and schools, is celebrated November 27, 2015.  She indicated that it was yet uncertain whether teachers could participate as it is scheduled to be a ½ day PD and ½ day Parent-teacher conferences.  She motioned that the Local Executive of the NSTU submit a letter to the CCRSB in support of social justice and that teachers be permitted to attend WE DAY.  C. Weeks moved this motion while it was seconded by Shawna Shiers.  MOTION CARRIED.

1.    L Wood questioned the location of October Provincial Conference claim form.  It was noted that the corrected form (indicating the new/proper mileage claim) was on the CCRSB website.
2.    L Wood also requested clarification about NSTU member cards.  It was noted that these are issued following the Member Registry update.
3.    A member requested clarification about seeking job description information.  W. VanSnick indicated that Student Services should be consulted for this information.
4.    M. Falconer commented on the difference of term lengths.  It was surmised that it was due to past weather conditions and cancellations.
5.    M. Falconer also tabled the question about new report cards and concluded that this information would be gained from school administration.

Meeting adjourned 6:11pm.  The next scheduled meeting of the Council of the Local is February 23, 2016.
Present    (Home school site)
President:  Wade VanSnick    Amherst Regional High School
First VP:  Lindsay Crossman Wheaton    E.B. Chandler Junior High School
Provincial Executive:  Hope Lemoine    Oxford Regional Education Centre
Treasurer:   Pat Hillier    E.B. Chandler Junior High School
Secretary:  Jennifer Field    E.B. Chandler Junior High School
VP of PD:  Holly MacDonald    Cumberland North Academy
VP of Communications:  Tammy Harrison    Cumberland North Academy
VP of PAPR:  Chris Weeks    River Hebert District High School
Member at Large:  Michelle DeCoff    Springhill Jr. / Sr. High School
School Reps:    
Kim Drysdale    Advocate
Jennifer Hines    ARHS
Jill Carter    Cumberland North Academy
Nancy Reid    Cyrus Eaton Elementary School
Angela Blenkhorn    E.B. Chandler
Melissa Falconer    Northport
Kendall Black    Oxford Regional Ed. Centre
Norma Collinson    Parsborro Reg. Elementary
Shawna Shiers    Parsborro High School
Allie Coulter    Pugwash High School
Karina Gagnon    River Hebert District Elementary
Gina MacGillivray    River Hebert High School
Lydia Wood    Springhill Jr./Sr. High School
Oxsanna Dzura    Wallace
Ian Pyke    West End Memorial
Bryan MacNamara    West Highlands Elementary
Sandra Bateman    Chignecto Family Office
Additional Members:    
Kathy Wells    Cumberland North Academy