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Annual NSTU VP/PD Report      2015-16
This has been a very busy and productive year for the NSTU Cumberland Local Professional Development Committee.  

The PD Committee of the Cumberland Local planned and promoted several events this past year supporting our members in sharing of information, member services and wellness.  Such events as follows: Teacher Appreciation BBQ (Wentworth Prov. Park Oct./15), Movie Night (Nov./16), Retirement Planning (Jan./16), Maternity/Parental Leave (Jan./16), Wellness (Jan./16), Wine Event (Feb./16), Curriculum Connections (April/16) and Treasure Hunt ???(April 2015).   We collaborated with the PAPR Committee (VP of PA/PR Chris Weeks) and also with the VP/Communications (Tammy Harrison) and Member at Large/Social (Michelle DeCoff) in supporting events.  

I attended the Provincial PD Conference and shared information with the PD Committee members, Executive and Reps.   Support was given to the Nomination Committee, planning of the Wine Event and Retirement Toast.  I attended the Regional Rep Retreat and Annual Council as well as active participation on the Appeals Board Committee. In November, 2015, I attended the Presidents Conference supported by the PACC Committee.  As the Treasurer of the ATYA Professional Association support was given in the planning of the Oct. 2015 Conference “Mental Health Matters” with our largest attendance to date!

It has been a wonderful year of learning! Thank you for your support and participation!  Thanks to the Reps for their help, to Cumberland Local Exec. for their leadership and thanks to the PD Committee members (Tammy Harrison, Pat Hillier, Irene Legere, Julie McManaman, Chris Weeks and Kathy Wells) for all of their energy, hard work and smiles!  :)

Holly MacDonald, VP/PD Cumberland Local