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President’s Report

May 24, 2016


Welcome everyone to the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Cumberland Local, NSTU. The local executive has worked hard during the last year to represent the 299 members of Cumberland Local.  Our 20 school representative have participated in both Council of the Local and General Meetings as well as both asking package and tentative agreement meeting.  School reps. and executive members also participated in a School Representative Training Session in the fall of 2015. It has been a pleasure to work, in unionism, with such a dedicated group of volunteers.  I thank each and every one of them for their service to our membership and for their support of me as I serve in the role of president.


As president, I have had the opportunity to represent our local in a variety of ways during the 2015-2016 school year:

  • NSTU Leadership Development Institute
  • CRRC School Representative Training
  • CRRC Monthly Meetings
  • NSTU Member Engagement Day – Cumberland
  • NSTU Local President’s Conference – (2 meetings)
  • Cumberland Executive Planning
  • Amherst Christmas Parade
  • Regional Article 48
  • Regional Teacher/Board – (3 meetings)
  • NSTU Member Services Conference – cancelled
  • Local Pre-Council Vote Meeting
  • NSTU Annual Council
  • Local Finance Meeting
  • Education Week Awards Ceremony
  • Excellence in Teaching Awards
  • Cumberland Retirement Toast


I look forward to continuing to serve the Cumberland Local membership in 2016-2017 school year.


Respectfully Submitted,

Wade Van Snick, President