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May 27th, 2017

The Retirement Toast was held at Breakfast at Brittany's. The Cumberland Local celebrated the retirement of members; Donnie Gamblin, Pat Hillier, Dale Porter, Trudy O'Neil, Kelly Parker and Patty Shanks. Unfortunately, Patty and Kelly were unable to attend. Family and friends gathered to enjoy an evening of music, fellowship, food and reminencing many years of teaching our communities' youth. Congratulations to all our retirees! 


Dale Porter and his family:

Trudy O'Neil and her family:

Pat Hillier and her family:

Donnie Gamblin and his family:

Congratulations to all the retirees of 2017!





The Cumberland Local had a wonderful evening and lots of fun hosting the Retirement Toast, which was held May 28th. We celebrated the dedicated careers of Dianne Robertson, Omer Bourgeois, Kathy MacKay and Cameron Nott. (We toasted Wendy Norby and Marjorie Shaw who were unable to attend.) We wish them all the best in the next chapter of life!


A big thank you to the Cumberland Local Executive who worked hard to help make last evening a success! Special thanks to Holly MacDonald and Michelle DeCoff who organized the entire event. Thank you ladies for sending off our retirees in fashion!