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Cumberland Operational Procedures Fall 2017:

The following are reports submitted by NSTU members who have attended conferences:

The 2017 Languages without Borders Conference

The 2017 Languages without Borders Conference was held in Edmonton, Alberta this past April and included an Aboriginal Languages Gathering.  The Shaw Conference Centre was home to a diverse range of sessions specifically dealing with Teaching a Second Language (or additional Language) and for those who wanted to learn more about these Languages. 

On Thursday afternoon, the conference started with a Roundtable Discussion on the Impact of Second Language Learning.  4 panelists spoke for 15 minutes each on this topic with an opportunity for the audience to reflect for a few minutes in between.  Also, the audience then had the time to ask questions to the panelists at the end. 

Friday Morning started with a Keynote Address by Alexandre Trudeau.  This 45-minute presentation was a sharing session on how Global citizens make connections when they travel abroad, interactions within their communities and even within their own family.  M. Trudeau is certainly a strong advocate that all students should have diverse opportunities to learn language.

Over the past few years, I have followed a lady by the name of Katy Arnett.  She has written a new book called Access to Success and I was able to attend that session.  This resource outlines some actions and differentiation for all language learners.  We were given a series of scenarios and worked as a table to problem solve. 

Continuing with my desire to learn more about supporting English Learners across the Curriculum, I attended another session led by Katy Arnett.  This was a hands on interactive session where we explored actions in order to foster student growth in English and in the subject matter.  I spent some time wondering and working with the Grade 7 Social studies curriculum, and working how I would teach a student who is learning English as an additional language about Confederation of Canada.

Saturday morning started with a Keynote Address by one of the panelists, Mary Grantham O’Brien.  She spoke on why our Students should learn a second Language.  This address had a big impact on me because the research was very current and something that I have been interested in for a while.

To finish off my conference experience, I presented an hour long session on practical and differentiated activities to encourage oral participation in the classroom, along with my colleague, Joan Wood.  The feedback we received was outstanding and it was a fantastic experience to present nationally!  We presented to Post-Intensive teachers, Core French and Immersion alike.  Our activities varied from technology based to no prep needed activities.  Lots of the activities could be adapted for elementary to senior high.