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This past weekend, October 20-21, the executive gathered in Truro, to review and update the constitution and the operational procedures.


REP Retreat 2018

Chignecto Regional Representative Council kicked off the 2018 “Rep Retreat” at the Holiday Inn in Truro, NS. First session was Conflict Resolutions with Adela Njie.The second session, held Saturday morning, was  “Teachers and the Law” delivered by Stacy Samson.Our third session of the Retreat was Social emotional Learning with Adela. The presenters were fantastic. Lots of wonderful information shared that weekend. Thanks to all our wonderfully dedicated reps who gave so freely of their time on the weekend to take part in this event.

Our NSTU president, Paul Wozney, attended and participated in our rep retreat.



Member Engagement 2018

Local members enjoyed a fun evening at the King Pin Bowling Alley to celebrate Member Engagement Day! Lots of laughter and chatter, yummy food, great prizes and even a few strikes!! ;)


The Cumberland Local wants to thank our many dedicated teachers, principals and staff from the Oxford and Pugwash schools who have worked hard over the last few days. We realize how stressful it has been but are so proud how you are all pulling together and making the best out of this most challenging situation. We are here to help in any way we can. Please don't hesitate to reach out.


A great turn out to our first Council of the Local. Elections were held at the Special General Meeting with the following results:
Cumberland Local President - Lindsay Crossman Wheaton
First VP - Hope Lemoine
RRC Member at Large - Holly MacDonald
Cumberland Local Member at Large - Virginia King-Tower

A big thank you goes out to our Nominations Chair, Julie McManaman for a job well done.
Congratulations to you all. The Local welcomes you into your new roles.




The Cumberland Local hosted their last Council of the Local for the 2017-2018 school year. We took this opportunity to celebrate our Administrators, who have dedicated countless hours and are truly committed to the students and staff in the schools throughout Cumberland County.

This also marked the last meeting to be chaired by our Local President, Chris Weeks. He has accepted a new position and will no longer be attached to this Local. His presidency continues until July 31st, 2018. As of August 1, 2018, Our First VP, Lindsay Crossman-Wheaton, will step up into the role of President until a by-election can be held in September 2018. Congratulations Chris on your new role. We wish you all the best and thank you for dedicating your time to our members throughout this very challenging year.

Congratulations to all Cumberland Local members who are retiring! Wishing you all good health and happiness as you enter the next chapter of your lives.



_The Cumberland Local enjoyed a session with representatives from our Board prior to our monthly executive meeting on January 9, 2018. Everyone had an opportunity to share their backgrounds, experiences and roles in their positions. The Local would like to thank our Superintendent of Schools Gary Adams, Board Chair Trudy Thompson, Board member David Myles and President of RTO Lawry MacLeod for attending this meeting.


The Local would like to congratulate Colleen Gainham and Heather Janes Pederson on receiving a grant from the Board of Directors of the Sheonoroil Foundation. Their successful applications have resulted in West Highlands School being awarded the grant to fund their project, "Peace in our Playground" and Spring Street Academy will use theirs towards their "SSA Peaceful Playground". Way to go ladies!



This Code of Ethics is a guide to members in maintaining at all times the high traditions integrity of their profession including professional conduct in relation to all communication whether verbal, written or via social media.



The Cumberland Local would like to congratulate Nancy Tucker who received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Music Teachers Association during the October Conference Day. Pictured with Nancy are NSMEA Executive members Keli Brewer and Donalda Westcott.


Our VP of PD, Angela Blenkhorn, attended the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour 49th Convention in Halifax on November 5-8th. This marks an historic event, as the NSTU sent its first ever delegation to this convention.

Liette Doucet and Damien Hall were chosen as VP's for the NSFL.


The Local executive joined Liette Doucet, Angela Murray, Christine Caudle president of CEHL, Jennifer Dickinson and Barrie Doyle from NSCC for a dinner meeting this evening.


Member Engagement 2017 gathering at King Pin Bowling Alley in Amherst, NS. NSTU President, Liette Doucet joined us from Halifax.


Council of the Local, October 2017

Members enjoyed a turkey dinner while gathering information to take back to their sites.



Elections were held tonight at the AGM. Results are as follows:
President: Chris Weeks
1st Vice President : Lindsay Crossman Wheaton
Vice President-Communications: Tammy Goode Harrison
Vice President-Professional Development: Angela Blenkhorn
Vice President-Public Affairs/Public Relations: Holly MacDonald
Secretary: Jen Field
Treasurer: Sharon Midwinter
Member-At-Large: Jennifer Hines
Provincial Executive Member: Wade Van Snick

CRRC Member-At-Large: Hope Lemoine
Resolutions Chair: Andrea Arseneau
Nominations Chair: Sharon Midwinter
Education Week Committee Member (Board Committee, Provincial mandate): Angela Blenkhorn
Excellence in Teaching Committee (Board Committee): Tammy Goode Harrison

A vote was also held and it was decided, by the members, that a $200 donation will be made, in honor of our Memorial Fund, to the Amherst Food Network.




Cumberland Local thanks the Town of Amherst, NS and the Cumberland PRIDE Committee for organizing today's PRIDE parade. What a wonderful celebration of our diversity and humanity. Thanks to all Cumberland Local Nova Scotia Teachers Union members who were able to join us.


The Cumberland Local would like to announce our new Local President for Cumberland Local is Chris Weeks. We are very pleased to have Chris take on this new role in our local and we know he will do a great job.


The AGM, originally scheduled for May 23rd, is postponed to June 13th. It will be held at Breakfast At Brittany's for 4:15 (meal) and meeting commences at 4:30pm.


Congratulations to Cumberland Local members, Greg Nix and Pamela Hoar, Local Service

Award recipients at Annual Council 2017. Thank you so much for your contributions

to our union.


Some other highlights from Annual Council 2017



#TuesdayMorning "...we reject Bill 75 and we have not gone away!" Each Tuesday, we encourage our members to wear black. Word from the NSTU is that members can use the Strike signs during the election campaign. So, use them if you've got them! I've got extra if you'd like one :-)


In honour of all that NSTU members do for their students, their families, and the larger school board family, the CCRSB and NSTU hosted an evening of recognition and appreciation on May 2, 2017 in Truro. Several local members and the Cumberland Local executive attended on behalf of those members who could not attend.



The Shenoroil Directors (with speaker Zac Crouse) from the "Getting Better Together" conference held in April 2017. We've heard this was a phenomenal conference.







Wonderful turn out at our Council of the Local meeting this evening. Thanks to all the reps who volunteer their time to help keep their colleagues informed as well as communicate concerns on their behalf. Great questions and conversation tonight. :)






Friday, February 17th, 2017

Our Cumberland Local members united for this historical moment of job action calling for respect of teachers and of unions. In solidarity we stand! #NSTUnited We are NSTU proud!!


Could you please let any staff member who may have a son or daughter who wishes to apply for the Cumberland Local NSTU Bursary know that the new form will be sent to Guidance Counselors at all high schools in Cumberland  soon. The form is now available on our Cumberland Local website.
All applications must be submitted on this year's form, and postmarked by April 21st, 2017.



A new Facebook page has been created.  I have sent out some friend request and erge members to spread the word.  Look us up at





Strike FAQ can be found 


The Teachers Plus Credit Union has put out a flyer on

Benefits to you as a Teacher. click on the link for further information:



The Cumberland Local celebrated Member Engagement Day 2016 through an active evening of bowling.

Thanks to all who were able to "spare" the time to "strike" up a conversation with colleagues and enjoy

the fun and laughter.  We hope this event was "right up your alley"! ;)


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Meetings will be held at Breakfast at Britany's unless stated otherwise.

Meal 4:15 - 4:30 all NSTU members are invited to all meetings


Cumberland Operational Procedures Fall 2017:

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