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Party leaders enter final stretch of campaigning ahead of vote Tuesday, May 30th.

A recent poll suggests the race is tightening between the incumbent Liberals and the Tories, who were up four points to 34 per cent.

The Mainstreet poll released Thursday, May 25th suggests the Liberals were at 37 per cent support from decided and leaning voters — a drop for the party of three points.

The NDP was up a point to 25 per cent according to the survey of 1,200 Nova Scotians.

The poll came on the same day the leaders faced off in the campaign's last televised debate, which saw Baillie cast himself as the only man who can beat McNeil.

(Information was shared by NSTU via Election Update #6)


The Cumberland Local would like to announce our new Local President for Cumberland Local is Chris Weeks. We are very pleased to have Chris take on this new role in our local and we know he will do a great job.


The AGM, originally scheduled for May 23rd, is postponed to June 13th. It will be held at Breakfast At Brittany's for 4:15 (meal) and meeting commences at 4:30pm.


Congratulations to Cumberland Local members, Greg Nix and Pamela Hoar, Local Service

Award recipients at Annual Council 2017. Thank you so much for your contributions

to our union.


Some other highlights from Annual Council 2017



#TuesdayMorning "...we reject Bill 75 and we have not gone away!" Each Tuesday, we encourage our members to wear black. Word from the NSTU is that members can use the Strike signs during the election campaign. So, use them if you've got them! I've got extra if you'd like one :-)


In honour of all that NSTU members do for their students, their families, and the larger school board family, the CCRSB and NSTU hosted an evening of recognition and appreciation on May 2, 2017 in Truro. Several local members and the Cumberland Local executive attended on behalf of those members who could not attend.



The Shenoroil Directors (with speaker Zac Crouse) from the "Getting Better Together" conference held in April 2017. We've heard this was a phenomenal conference.







Wonderful turn out at our Council of the Local meeting this evening. Thanks to all the reps who volunteer their time to help keep their colleagues informed as well as communicate concerns on their behalf. Great questions and conversation tonight. :)






Friday, February 17th, 2017

Our Cumberland Local members united for this historical moment of job action calling for respect of teachers and of unions. In solidarity we stand! #NSTUnited We are NSTU proud!!


Could you please let any staff member who may have a son or daughter who wishes to apply for the Cumberland Local NSTU Bursary know that the new form will be sent to Guidance Counselors at all high schools in Cumberland  soon. The form is now available on our Cumberland Local website.
All applications must be submitted on this year's form, and postmarked by April 21st, 2017.



A new Facebook page has been created.  I have sent out some friend request and erge members to spread the word.  Look us up at





Strike FAQ can be found 


The Teachers Plus Credit Union has put out a flyer on

Benefits to you as a Teacher. click on the link for further information:



The Cumberland Local celebrated Member Engagement Day 2016 through an active evening of bowling.

Thanks to all who were able to "spare" the time to "strike" up a conversation with colleagues and enjoy

the fun and laughter.  We hope this event was "right up your alley"! ;)


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Meetings will be held at Breakfast at Britany's unless stated otherwise.

Meal 4:15 - 4:30 all NSTU members are invited to all meetings


Cumberland Operational Procedures Fall 2016:

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